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Feel safe & secure

Your go-to resource for a worry-free experience. Here, you will get all the vital details to access the property to handle emergencies, so you can feel safe and sound, no matter the circumstances of your stay.

In case of an emergency, your safety is our top priority. Please familiarize yourself with the following local emergency contact information:

Police Department: Dial [133] to reach the local police department for immediate assistance with criminal matters, accidents, or any threats to personal safety.

Fire Department: For fire emergencies, including fire outbreaks, smoke detection, or any hazardous situations, dial [122] to contact the local fire department for prompt response and assistance.

Medical Services: In case of medical emergencies, including injuries, sudden illnesses, or any medical concerns, dial [144] to reach medical services for urgent medical attention and support.

During your stay, it's essential to have a trusted individual to reach out to in case of emergencies. Franz lives in the building and knows about almost everything...

Name: Franz Müller

Relationship: Hausmeister

Phone Number: +49 123 456 789

Email Address: franz.muller@gmail.com

Address: Hauptstraße 12, 9182 Berlin, Germany

We urge you only to use this in emergency situations, as we want to continually have a good relationship with the building.

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