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How to start a wash

Simple steps on how to use our washing machine from loading clothes, selecting the right cycle and more. Follow this guide to make sure you are getting your clothes back in the desired condition.

For our washing maschine, we recommend the following settings to get the optimal clothes wash:Here are some of the most common washing cycles:

Cottons – Should be used to wash cotton clothes or bed sheets and towels.

Synthetics – Best setting for synthetic fabrics, such as polyester sportswear.

Delicates – This is the best setting for a gentle wash for clothing such as silk shirts or lace tops.

Quick Wash – If you need your washing done asap, or don’t want to faff around then this is a good option. However, it’s not recommended for any delicate clothing items.

We do not have a mechanical dryer in our rental unit, but have leaned a clothes hanger next to the washing machine.

There is enough space in the laundry room to keep the clothes hanger in there to avoid cluttering living space.

If you have an questions, simply message us!

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